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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy at All Hands On Physical Therapy in NY

This powerful technique could help your injury get better faster than ever before!

Ultrasound is a form of mechanical energy that has been used for many years to treat chronic pain and improve the healing process. There are several specific ways a physical therapist can use ultrasound therapy in order to reduce injuries, provide relief from discomfort or inflammation caused by broken bones while it heals them at speed-up rate.

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Ultrasound therapy is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a physical modality that can be used for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

Ultrasound therapy is considered one of the safest and non-invasive treatments for muscle and tendon injuries. Ultrasonic waves cause millions of minute bubbles in tissue, which eventually expand and contract which helps in increasing blood flow and speeds up the healing process. Ultrasound also increases the production of proteins in cartilage, tendons, bone cells, and more.

An ultrasound machine delivers high-frequency sound waves through the skin, which is absorbed by tissues and bones below the skin. Ultrasound machines are able to detect how deeply sound waves penetrate into tissue by detecting the amount of time it takes for them to bounce off surfaces beneath the skin.

This treatment is performed by physical therapists and occupational therapists. Ultrasonic therapy is frequently used along with other forms of physical therapy such as cold compression therapy to provide additional relief.

Ultrasonic treatment does not require anesthesia nor does it involve incisions or injections, which makes this a highly desirable treatment option for many patients seeking relief from muscular and joint.

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Thermal vs Non-Thermal Ultrasounds in NY

Pain can be diagnosed in a number of ways. Pain can be acute or chronic, and even though pain is subjective by nature there are many tools that help healthcare providers determine the best way to provide relief. It often incorporates the use of special equipment that works with the pain to provide relief.

Thermal Ultrasound

The heat produced by ultrasound therapy can increase circulation and reduce pain. The increased blood flow enables muscles to stretch more easily, which means that they'll loosen up tight tissues in your body as well.

Thermal Ultrasound is contraindicated for patients with aneurysm clips, pacemaker, defibrillator and other implants.

Non-Thermal Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a non-thermal way of transferring energy that can be very effective in some cases.

When this transmission system enters the body through ultrasound, it creates tiny gas bubbles which gather around tissue and contract or expand rapidly as they move about - creating cavities where needed.

Ultrasound Therapy has many benefits, for example: the promotion of tissue healing, reduction of swelling and inflammation, and finally Increase in blood-flow.

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