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Pain Management

Pain Management at All Hands On Physical Therapy in NY

Chronic pain isn't just a physical condition, it may take a toll for your emotional health and well-being.

Constant pain influences each part of your life, keeping you from taking part in your daily physical activities. Fortunately, physical therapy has been clinically demonstrated to dramatically enhance your body’s capacity to function without pain.

The experienced team at All Hands On Physical Therapy understands the effects back pain has on your physical and mental health, and provides treatment to reduce your pain and help you get back to your daily activities. Call us today to find how.

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Pain is manageable and treatment options exist to help individuals maintain their independence and improve their ability to perform activities daily living like bathing, cooking, and cleaning.

The term does not merely mean the absence of pain, but rather that once the medical problem has been diagnosed and treated by professionals, palliative care will be incorporated into the treatment plan.Pain management involves managing patients' symptoms through analgesics and other pharmaceutical interventions to reduce chronic pain.

Pain management also includes treating acute pain caused by traumatic injury or surgery with medications like opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

It is an important part of care for chronic illnesses like cancer, arthritis, low back pain, and heart disease. Pain management has been identified as the unmet health need most often reported by patients with chronic diseases.Pain greatly affects the quality of life and can cause depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood swings, and cognitive impairment.

We are all different, that's why we take into consideration your own personal and medical history to help you!

We care about you and your health, that's why we're the best option for you in Glen Oaks, Garden City, and Jamaica NY.

Ashish Patel PT has graduated from Hunter College, CUNY, NY, NY. With over 20 years of hands on experience in various settings

Pain Management Treatments in NY

Pain can be diagnosed in a number of ways. Pain can be acute or chronic, and even though pain is subjective by nature there are many tools that help healthcare providers determine the best way to provide relief. It often incorporates the use of special equipment that works with the pain to provide relief.

Key pain management strategies include:

Pain-relieving medicines.

Physical therapies (such as heat or cold packs, massage, hydrotherapy and exercise).

Psychological therapies (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and meditation).

Mind and body techniques (such as acupuncture).

Occupational therapy.

Community support groups.

Electrical Stimulation Techniques.

Myofascial Release.

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About Electrical Stimulation and Physical Therapy in NY

A device that uses electrical stimulation to treat certain areas of your body, such as the painlessly stimulating arm or leg. The standard form features self-adhesive electrodes placed around a target treatment area on you and connected via wire leads from there which pass through one unit before connecting with another for use; this allows electricity flow where needed most.

Among many benefits, Electrical Stimulation helps with reducing motor spasms, improving range of motion, decreasing swelling and increasing circulation.

Electrical muscle stimulation has been used to promote soft tissue healing and increase the range of motion in patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Electrical stimulation (ES) is used to treat musculoskeletal injuries and increase muscle performance. Electrical stimulation can be done by direct or indirect methods. Direct ES comes in the form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), while indirect ES uses devices such as electrical muscle stimulator machines.

Electrical muscle stimulation is also used to reduce spasticity, which is a result of nerve damage or conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis.

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Electrical Stimulation also reduces the risk of reinjury

About Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy in NY

The myofascial release techniques use gentle, yet effective pressure to decrease pain and inflammation in the muscles. They can be used by anyone who has been experiencing chronic tightness for an extended period of time as well as those that are just starting out with their fitness journey. 

Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy in NY

The best thing about myofascial release is that it can make the pain better. It's also an excellent adjunct therapy for those who have long-standing issues with their joints, muscles or tissues.

Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy that seeks to relieve pain and restore movement in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, and organs through the use of gentle sustained pressure into soft tissue.

This therapy has been used to successfully treat a wide variety of sports injuries, both acute and chronic. Many athletes including professional and amateur ones claim this therapy helps them recover from injury faster and worsens less than other types of treatment techniques like deep tissue massage or stretching alone.

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