Garden City Physical Therapy: Safe and Effective

In a modern society where people rely on technological enhancements, it’s quite a common question whether Garden City physical therapy is really effective.

Physical therapy or Physiotherapy is by definition a type of treatment for disease, injury, or deformation by physical methods such as massage and exercise rather than drugs or surgery. According to a New England Journal of Medicine entitled “Surgery versus Physical Therapy for Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis”, physical therapy is as effective as surgery in patients diagnosed with the said conditions.

Related journals also affirmed that physical therapy is proven effective in treating and preventing acute to chronic sports injuries.

In this regard, All Hands On Physical Therapy helps patients gain back their normal strength and abilities through a compassionate physical therapy service fitting to their condition. We offer diagnostics, sports physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, pain management, electromyography, and nerve conduction velocity test.

Our Garden City physical therapy facility also offers a state of the art equipment to complement our skills and knowledge. Visit us now and let us help you with the pain you are enduring. Our clinic is located at 66 New Hyde Park Rd. Garden city, NY 11530.

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